The word ADVOCACY often brings to mind writing letters or contacting a legislator in support or opposition of a proposed law.

While that is true, at ALP, ADVOCACY simply means this: your concerns are our concerns!

We focus on YOUR issues, your challenges as an independent lodging property owner in an ever changing travel and legal landscape.

We advocate for the ‘level playing field’ – that is, all lodging properties are to comply with the applicable regulations / licensing, be properly insured to protect the business and guests, and pay the appropriate taxes including ‘lodging’ taxes. You’ll find a comprehensive list of state licensing/regulatory contacts on the website.

Service Dog Giving Assistance To Disabled Person On Wheelchair.
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ADA Compliancy & Big Tech

Do you know that even if your lodging property may be exempt from ADA, your website must still be ADA compliant? What does that mean? Can you be sued if it is not compliant? (YES!!) ALP’s informational resources provide guidance – and an attorney consult is available.

BIG TECH causing you headaches? Not getting results – or a reply – when you try to get your problem solved? Once again, we’ve got insider relationships to tap, or ‘last resort’ contacts for you. When a major OTA took the names/images of lodging properties without permission and then posted ‘no vacancy’ in the listing (to divert customers to their listings), we participated in a lawsuit banning this … and won!

Accessing More Information

Members of AlP have access to many resources in regards to building accessibility, service animals, website accessibility, and also a list of attorneys specializing in ADA and ADA Website compliance. 

Join Today and access the ADA Resource Library.

Member Resources

Advocacy Committee

Please provide us with your key lodging issues and concerns at  [email protected]

CHAIR: Elizabeth Robinson, Inn Reflection of You, NC 
Kathleen Panek, Gillum House B&B, WV
Billy Scruggs, Fife & Drum Inn, VA
Tomas Ramirez, Combate Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
Janice DeLerno, The Stockade B&B, LA
Linda Smith, Rachael’s Dowry B&B, MD
Gabriel Goorsky, Resolute Accounting, MN

Relationships & Partnerships

young woman wearing a face mask outside during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

In response to the pandemic, the government as developed a number of financial relief programs for the severely impacted lodging industry. Once again, ALP’s resources have assisted lodging professionals to apply and procure needed assistance.

ALP, in partnership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) alerts members to proposed legislation that affects our industry, with easy-to-use (if desired) tools to let your voice be heard.

ALP’s Advocacy Committee, whose members are experienced and are interested in issues impacting our industry, are a valuable resource for sharing ‘hands on’ successes.

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