ZimmerFrei (ZF) turns the mundane aspects of road travel into a memorable experience. Rather than stay in cookie-cutter hotels that could be anywhere, travelers will discover new places, quaint inns, and historic destinations without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Simple to use app will connect travelers with nearby, one-of-a-kind lodgings and genuine hospitality. ZimmerFrei works only with independent hotel owners of distinctive 3, 4, 5-star, and vintage properties to distribute unsold rooms to travelers making a last-minute lodging decision.

The hotel-friendly platform enables digital check-in and automates the distribution of unsold rooms on the day of Stay— without disrupting the hotel’s advanced booking sales cycle. The ZFX tool provides a simple way for hotels to control room availability and rates in real-time and up-sell X-tra amenities, services, and products. Owners can also choose to be listed or stay below the radar and be anonymous.

Atlanta, GA 30303

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