Victorian House Scones, LLC

Victorian House Scones, LLC

Mix, Freeze, Bake with Ease! Do you love to bake from scratch? So do we!
We craft our mixes so you have the convenience of a mix, but all the fun and creativity of your own recipe!

We have several flavors, but also offer ‘base mixes’.  You can use these plain bases as the foundation to create your own unique flavors–whether it is something as simple as adding blueberries, to something a little more exotic such as a Cranberry-Gorgonzola scone (or muffin). Make the dough or batter up in advance and freeze in individual servings.

Bake fresh exactly what you need each morning. Freezer to Oven to Done–20 minutes!  ALP members receive a 5% discount on orders, and also receive a copy of our “User’s Guide” and a retail bag of Original Recipe scone mix free with your first order.

We can private label any of our mixes, in either a retail or sampler size.  Call or email us for more information.

We have NO minimum order (unless it is a Private Label—and the minimum for that is 12 BAGS of mix).

*Offers a member to member discount: visit

Debbie Anderson

PO Box 8094, Lafayette, Indiana 47903

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